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Youth Conference

I’ve been at a Christian Youth Conference for a few days and before I went I was worrying about it like crazy. I felt so stressed that no one was going to like me; that they’d think I was too loud or weird or difficult. It turned out going a lot better than I had imagined. Okay, I said a lot better, but it actually went so well I enjoyed it. That’s a big deal for me.

I made loads of new friends and met some old friends. We had prayer meetings, games and Bible sessions and I learnt so much about the other youth and about myself. We talked about being together in Christ. We looked at the story of Ananias who lead Saul to Christ (Acts Ch9 Vs10-19) and wrote encouraging and nice things on slips of paper about one another. I got three amazing notes that really warmed my heart. They told me I was friendly, talented and good to talk to. The people there were just wonderful and I’m so glad that I went.

Now I’m back home and missing them already, but it’s made me think a lot about the person I want to be and that maybe I shouldn’t just lock myself away all day every day because there are some great people out there that want to be my friend and I should make more of an effort to find them.

So, I just felt like I wanted to share that today. Thank you so much for reading, hopefully it meant something to you as well. God bless.



1 thought on “Youth Conference”

  1. Oh gosh this brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you. I know the mental struggles all too well and I am so proud you pushed yourself and that God really answered our prayers for you. To enjoy something IS a big deal…I get it. You are such a wonderful girl with a big heart and you think of others often. You really helped me yesterday and I am really grateful for that. The world needs Deborah and her big heart ❤️


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